The Custom Shape Tool in Photoshop CC - dummies

The Custom Shape Tool in Photoshop CC

By Peter Bauer

Although the basic shape tools are great for circles and squares and lines and arrows, you’ll probably get the most use out of the Custom Shape tool. With this tool selected, you click the triangle to the right of the sample shape on the Options bar to open the Custom Shape picker, as shown in this figure.


The Custom Shape picker offers a number of ready-to-use shapes. When you click the triangle in the upper-right corner, you can choose from a variety of other sets of shapes listed at the bottom of the Custom Shape picker menu. Also in the Options bar, you click on the Fill field and the Stroke field to open their options, and the More Options button enables you to customize the stroke.

When you select a set of custom shapes from the menu (or use the Load Shapes command to add a set of shapes not in the menu), you are asked whether you want to add the new shapes to the current content of the Custom Shape picker (Append), replace the current shapes (OK), or not add the shapes after all (Cancel).

When you select All from the Custom Shape picker menu and click OK, you’ll load over 300 custom shapes, ranging from signs and symbols to animals and cartoon talk balloons.