Guides Enhancements in Illustrator CC - dummies

By Jennifer Smith

If you are a precision designer, you have been dragging guides out of the ruler to help you create your graphics. In Illustrator CC, four new enhancements have been added to guides. To test these, first choose View→Rulers, if your rulers are not visible. You can also press Ctrl+R (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac) to turn on or off the visibility of your rulers, then note the following:

  • Double-clicking the ruler creates a guide at that specific location on the ruler.

  • When you hold Shift and then double-click a specific location on a ruler, the guide created at the point automatically snaps to the closest mark (division) on the ruler.

  • If you hide guides, by using Ctrl+; (semi-colon) or Cmd+; (semi-colon) (Ctrl/Cmd + 😉 and then choose to show them, the guides are not locked automatically.

You can also create horizontal and vertical guides in one action by following these steps:

  1. At the top-left corner of the Illustrator window, left-click the intersection of the Rulers, as shown in this figure.


  2. Press Ctrl (or Cmd on a Mac), and drag the mouse to any location in the Illustrator window.

    The mouse pointer becomes cross hairs to indicate where a horizontal and vertical guide can be created, as you see in this figure.


  3. Release the mouse, and horizontal and vertical guides are automatically created, as shown in this figure.