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How to Link Pages within Your Website in Dreamweaver

By Janine Warner

Dreamweaver makes linking from one page to another page in your website easy. Just make sure to save your pages in your local site folder before you start setting links.

Here’s how you create a link from one page in a website to another:

  1. In Dreamweaver, open the page where you want to create a link.

  2. Select the text or image that you want to serve as the link (meaning the text or image that a user clicks to trigger the link).

    Click and drag to highlight a section of text or click once to select an image.

  3. Click the Hyperlink icon in the Common Insert panel, at the top right of the workspace.

    Alternatively, you can set a link by clicking the Browse icon (which looks like a file folder) just to the right of the Link field in the Property inspector, or choose Insert →>Hyperlink.


  4. In the Hyperlink dialog box, click the Browse (file folder) icon to the right of the Link drop-down list.

    The Select File dialog box opens.

    [Credit: Photo by Casey Stoll]
    Credit: Photo by Casey Stoll
  5. Click the filename to select the page that you want your image or text to link to, and then click OK (Windows) or Choose (Mac).

    When you click OK, the Select File dialog box closes, but the Hyperlink dialog box remains open.

  6. (Optional) Use the Target field in the Hyperlink dialog box to define where your linked page opens.

    To open the linked page in a new browser window or in a new tab within a browser, choose the _blank option. The New option is not recommended because it is not standard. Choose _self to open the linked page in the same window (the default). Choose _top to force the page to open in a fresh browser window, even if the page is displayed within a frame.

    The _parent option is almost never used anymore, but if you page is within a frameset, you can select this option to open the linked page a level above the current page in the frame structure.

  7. Click OK.

    The Hyperlink dialog box closes and the link is set automatically. Note that to test your links, you have to view your page in a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Dreamweaver makes it easy to preview pages in multiple web browsers.