How to Include Flash Content on Your Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Website - dummies

How to Include Flash Content on Your Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Website

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 makes it easy to enhance web pages by allowing you to insert interactive content such as Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (F4V/FLV).

Think carefully about the placement of your Flash content because many devices (namely those running the Apple iOS) don’t play Flash content. However, as of this writing, a number of Android and Blackberry devices (such as the Galaxy Tablet and Playbook, respectively) still support Flash-based content. Consider providing alternate or supplemental content for non-Flash devices, or using a JavaScript or CSS-based animation behavior, if possible.

Follow these steps to place a Flash file on your Dreamweaver page:

  1. Put the cursor on the page wherever you want to insert the Flash file.

  2. Choose Insert→Media→SWF.

    The Select SWF dialog box appears.

  3. Navigate to the SWF file that you want to place and click OK (Windows) or Choose (Mac) to select the file.

  4. In the Object Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box, type a descriptive title for the movie in the Title field and click OK.

    The Flash file is placed on the page.

  5. On the Property inspector, click the Play button to preview your new Flash movie.

    You can also adjust settings for your movie.