7 Parts of the Adobe Edge Suite - dummies

7 Parts of the Adobe Edge Suite

By Michael Rohde

Adobe announced its entire suite of Edge Animate tools and software and reaffirmed its commitment to providing the best services for creative artists, web designers, and animators. It also cranked up support for HTML5 as the future of the World Wide Web. Flash animation is fading into the history books.

As part of introducing Edge Animate, Adobe also announced

  • Edge Suite: An entire set of tools to help you create your part of the web.

  • Creative Cloud: Everything you need to use Edge Animate is in the cloud.

  • Design and development features: Edge Animate is great for both designers and developers.

  • Compatibility: Edge Animate works with many different software tools.

  • Web-friendly animation features: Adobe Edge Animate CC comes with a long list of features for creating modern web animations.

The Adobe Edge Suite is one part of the Creative Cloud that Adobe announced (as shown) consists of these tools:

  • Edge Animate: The main tool for turning static graphics and text into modern web animations.

  • Reflow (planned for release after the publication of this book): Geared toward helping designers to create a responsive web design.

  • Code: You can use Code to preview CSS, edit code, and integrate other code for design work.

  • Inspect: An excellent app that allows you to synch your desktop to your mobile device so you can install updates as they happen.

  • Web Fonts: Free fonts that you can use with Edge Animate.

  • Typekit: Another source of fonts that you can use with Edge Animate.

  • PhoneGap Build: A tool for creating mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.