Use Social Media Shorthand - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Part of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram For Seniors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Because of the 280-character limit for Tweets, people often abbreviate common words and phrases on Twitter. This shorthand has trickled into other social media forms, particularly Facebook and Instagram. The following table has abbreviations, or Twitter shorthand, that you see often. You will most likely want to use the shorthand, so the table illustrates its use in Twitter messaging.

Social Media Shorthand

Abbreviation What It Means Usage
4 For What do you want it 4?
4U For you I have something 4U.
BFN Bye for now Off to work, BFN.
BTW By the way BTW, I stopped by your office.
DM Direct message Sent you a DM.
FYI For your information FYI, I’ll be there.
IC I see IC you’ve changed your avatar.
ICYMI In case you missed it ICYMI I posted that yesterday.
IMHO In my humble opinion I think that’s bad IMHO.
IRL In real life Can’t wait to meet you IRL.
LMAO Laughing my a** off That’s so funny! LMAO!
LOL Laughing out loud OK, I’m LOL!
OH Overheard OH (at the beauty salon): Love your haircut.
OMG Oh my gosh OMG, I can’t believe I watched that video.
PITA Pain in the a** My kids are driving me crazy. What a PITA
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing And now I’m ROFL.
RT Retweet RT is what you see when someone repeats one of your Tweets to their followers.
RU Are you RU going to the Tweetup?
SMH Shaking my head They did what? SMH!
Tweet Post a comment on Twitter Have you posted a Tweet today?
Tweeps Twitter members I got RTs from 6 Tweeps today.
Tweetup A real life meetup of Twitter members Where’s the Tweetup?
Twitterverse The world of Twitter Welcome to the Twitterverse!
TY Thank you TY for all the RTs.
W00t! Yay! W00t! I got a deal at the store today!