Use Tools with Twitter - dummies

Use Tools with Twitter

Part of Facebook and Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can use tools to expand your Twitter prowess and deliver more than pithy phrases in your tweets. As you become engrossed in the Twitterverse, you’ll no doubt need some tools to help you navigate, organize, and direct your communications. Try out the recommended tools in this table.

Twitter Companion Tools
Tool URL What It Does Shortens URLs to fit within 140-character tweets and provides
statistics on how many people visit the link Helps you discover music and share it using short URLs on
OneForty Supplies a directory of all Twitter applications with
Posterous Offers a free blogging platform that will autopost to Twitter
and Facebook
Seesmic Has a desktop or browser client to organize your Twitter and
Facebook friends and posts
TweetDeck Helps you organize and track your posts in Twitter and
Facebook, and manage your Twitter friends