How to Search for Tweeted Topics - dummies

By Marsha Collier

You can use hashtags — words with the pound sign (#) in front of them — in your Tweets to simply identify single-word topics or abbreviations of events. And you can search to find Tweets about the topics or events that are identified this way.

For example, if you regularly watch American Idol and want to find all Tweets about the show, you can search for them by typing #americanidol in the search box (with the magnifying glass) at the top of your Home (Me) page and pressing Enter.

Because a search is not case-sensitive, you could also type #AmericanIdol or #AMERICANIDOL and get the same results. What you won’t get in your search results are Tweets such as “American President Obama is the idol of millions” because the words aren’t together and preceded by the hashtag.

You can append your Tweets with hashtags to join in Twitter chats that take place on a planned, regular basis. Because participants have only 140 characters per Tweet, a customer service chat shortens customer service to #custserv so the hashtag takes up less space. (Hashtags get a message across in a much more concise manner.)

In the figure, #custserv is typed into the search box on the right side of the home page and all Tweets with #custserv showed up.


Notice on the left side search results page, you can click to see Everything that matches your search, or People, Photos, Videos, News, Timelines (Twitter members Lists or Collections) and the option to perform an Advanced Search.