Spotify Music Blogs - dummies

By Kim Gilmour

Technology can do only so much: Sometimes, you do need a human to find the gems when it comes to what Spotify has on offer. Thank goodness there are plenty of dedicated blogs, or online journals, that can help you with this task. Plenty are springing up every day — word gets out quickly, and many of the sites link to each other, so keep a lookout!, Spotify music blog posts a Spotify link to a new track every day and rates a selection of albums, which you can launch directly in Spotify. There doesn’t seem to be any particular genre that sticks to: If it sounds good, they link to it.

A nice touch is a category called Oldies of the Day (which tends to focus on a diverse range of 1960s to 1970s music) and up-to-date YouTube videos are added, too. A blog accompanies the site.

Spotify Classical, Spotify music blog

Beijing-based Shi Lei (Spotify user ulyssestone) runs the popular Spotify Classical Playlists website, which includes plenty of classical playlists, along with tips for listening to classical gems on Spotify.

For instance, Lei has posted a playlist of Bach’s complete works, which were released as a whopping 172-CD box set by German label Hänssler Classic. More than 3,000 tracks are included in this playlist, and the great thing about Spotify is that you can filter the tracks in a couple of seconds.

You don’t need to scroll through such a massive library if you have only a particular opus in mind. Lei has also collated a chronological playlist of all Beethoven’s works, whose publication dates didn’t necessarily correspond with their completion dates.

But it isn’t just straight albums that Lei posts. His inventive and meticulously compiled playlists include Opera Without Words, Piano Transcriptions of Famous Symphonic Works, and Penguin Guide Rossette Winners, a compilation of track recordings that have been awarded a Rosette by the definitive Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music — a guidebook highlighting what its editors consider to be the finest examples of recorded classical music over the last 50 years. Particularly notable tracks receive Rosettes.

Spotinews, Spotify music blog

Joe Buck sifts through what albums have just been added to Spotify and regularly posts his favorite discoveries at Spotinews. You can find a variety of genres and a number of debut acts showcased on his blog. Joe is Swedish, so you see a few links to new releases from there, too. His musical tastes have earned him some regular fans.

SpotiDJ, Spotify music blog

Another great resource, SpotiDJ displays every tweet that contains a Spotify link. You can narrow the list a little by selecting songs from one of Spotify’s launch countries.

But there’s more to SpotiDJ than automatically updated song links: Click the Blog link to follow an interesting experiment that’s been tracking what Spotify pays to unsigned artists and read reviews of the latest Spotify add-ons.