Spotify Mobile’s Settings - dummies

Spotify Mobile’s Settings

By Kim Gilmour

Tap the Settings button at the bottom of the app to access the Spotify Settings page on your mobile device. These are useful preferences that you can switch on or off when you want to make important adjustments, such as listening to music at a lower quality if you’re out and about, and don’t want to consume too much data usage.

Here are your options:

  • Toggle Offline mode: When Offline mode is switched on, you can listen to playlists you’ve chosen to make available when you aren’t on the Internet.

  • Scrobbling to You can choose to log tracks you’re hearing to

  • Stream quality: Listen to music at a lower quality if you’re on a slower connection or concerned about data usage limits.

  • Sync quality: When synchronizing data for offline listening, you can choose the sound quality in which you want to hear them.

  • Sync over 2G/3G: Keep this option off if you’re traveling abroad or have a tight data-download limit. When you have this option turned off, Spotify syncs tracks only when you’re connected over Wi-Fi.

  • Log out: You can log into Spotify Mobile by using a different account. Just log out by tapping Log Out yourusername. You immediately get taken back to the login screen. Whoever else wants to log in by using their own account details can do so here, using the phone’s keypad.

  • Help (iPhone only): If you run into any trouble, you can click a link to go directly to Spotify’s Help files and Customer Support pages. You can also view the version of Spotify Mobile that you’re using. (The latest version may iron out several bugs.)