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Enhancing Your Music Experience with Spotify Apps

By Kim Gilmour

In November 2011, Spotify introduced a fantastic new feature that adds a whole new dimension to your listening experience: apps. Spotify Apps are free mini-programs developed by third party developers, accessible from within your Spotify window. There’s no need open any other program or website in order to use them. ShareMyPlaylists, the popular playlist-sharing website, and the music recommendation website Last.fm, are also available as convenient Spotify Apps.

Whether it’s browsing lists of music using the ShareMyPlaylists or Top10 apps, reading the latest music recommendations from Rolling Stone, the ability to listen to music simultaneously with others using Soundrop, or on-the-fly lyrics that synch with your music at TuneWiki – Spotify Apps has it covered.

Spotify’s job is to instantly let you listen to a wide range of high-quality music. It’s also moving into music recommendations; helping you discover artists similar to your existing tastes. Spotify wants to focus on these activities but still extend the functionality of its service, so it’s leaving the doors open for creative third-party developers who can tap into the Spotify platform and produce their own apps.

Spotify has partnered with a few specific companies and developers to launch its first batch of apps. Who knows what else is in store for the future?