Social Media Design: Twitter Image Options - dummies

Social Media Design: Twitter Image Options

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

The biggest challenge with Twitter designs is figuring out how to juggle the space constraints and how best to position the three separate images you’re allowed to use on your Twitter profile.

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Here are the three primary Twitter images you can design:

  • Profile photo: Most Twitter users (also known as “Tweeple”) opt for a simple mugshot (a photo of their face). Instead of a photo, you may prefer to use an illustration or a logo. This image appears with your tweets in your followers’ message stream and is also used by Twitter in a wide variety of ways.

    If you use your Twitter identity to log in to other services (such as to comment on a blog, or sign up to attend a meeting), this photo is the one that appears.

  • Profile header: This is the image that appears around your photo in the central box on your Twitter profile page, with a few words of information about yourself, a general location that you can set, and a link to a website. Because the header is a larger image (currently, 1252 x 626 px), you can take advantage of this section to express your creativity.

  • Twitter background: The background image fills the background of the page and surrounds your profile photo and header. The background photo appears only when a user clicks through to view your Twitter page. Positioning your background image is the most challenging because the visible amount of the background depends on the size of the screen.

All your text and image posts combine to create your Twitter timeline. You can’t change the design of the timeline area of your page, though. The timeline comprises your posted tweets, arranged in descending order, with the most recent tweet on top.

If you scroll down the page, the elements to the left of the header and timeline move off the page. However, the main timeline column remains centered in the page, so any background design that you create should take this into consideration.