How to Add Your Own Photoshop-Created Profile Picture to Facebook - dummies

How to Add Your Own Photoshop-Created Profile Picture to Facebook

By Janine Warner, David LaFontaine

If you’re creating a design that combines your Facebook Profile and cover image, you’ll need to add a Profile picture to your template file to position the two images in relation to one another. With the template file open, follow these steps to add and position a Profile picture. Remember to begin with a cropped photo as discussed previously:

  1. Choose File→Open and open the image you wish to use as your Profile picture.

    The image opens in the Photoshop workspace.

  2. Choose Image→Image Size and enter 160 pixels in the Height and Width fields.

    You can also change the size of an image by using the Canvas size options by choosing Image→Canvas size. When you change the size via the Canvas Size dialog box, the image is automatically cropped to fit the size, which can make it easier to make it a perfect square.

  3. Copy the Profile picture.

    Press Ctrl+A (on a Mac, cmd +A) to select the image; then press Ctrl+C (on a Mac, cmd+C) to copy the image.

  4. Click the tab in your image-editing program that has your Facebook Timeline Template open in it to make it active in the workspace.

    The template becomes visible in the Photoshop workspace.

  5. Click to select the Insert Profile Image Here layer and then paste the image you copied into the template.

    The template includes a layer named Insert Profile Image Here to help you position the Profile picture so that it sits over the cover image and the Profile frame.

  6. Choose the Move tool from the Tools palette, and then click the Profile picture layer and drag it into position.

    Continue to move the Profile and cover images around until they are positioned the way you want them in relation to each other.

    [Credit: Illustration by Tom Mccain]
    Credit: Illustration by Tom Mccain
  7. After you size and position the cover image and the Profile picture just right, choose File→Save for web & Devices and save a copy of the file with a new name.

    Saving a copy of the template with your photos is optional, but it will ensure that you can go back to the template after you crop and export the background image if you want to create a different design or make a mistake and want to try again.