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What Can I Do with Yammer?

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

Yammer has many great tools for making business communication as simple as interacting on Facebook. You will recognize many of the basic features from other social networking sites. For example, Yammer prompts you to set up a personal profile, complete with profile picture and work details to make it easier for the right coworkers to connect with you.

In addition to a profile, you can create and use groups.


Source: Yammer.com

These groups allow you to streamline communication, rather than trying to juggle a multi-user email thread. Groups offer you many tools for managing your project. You can

  • Use the feed to discuss project details. Deadlines, notes, and brainstorming are made easier when all group members can contribute in one convenient place.

  • Use the Files feature to upload important documents for all team members to see. This tool makes it easy for all group members to find necessary files in one convenient place.

  • Use Groups to set up a company event. Allowing relevant members to offer their say on the next company event can make it a simpler and more effective get together.

  • Share announcements. Groups allow you one private place to announce deadlines or other important details that are only pertinent to a particular project.

  • Use the quick access module. This tool gives group members access to files, as well as editing tools for making changes. You can also view the edits and see which files have been viewed the most. Quick access lets you get immediate feedback on the important stuff.

With all of these tools in the Groups feature, you may just find everything you need, but the handy Document collaboration tool makes it easy to share documents with your coworkers. You can allow editing or lock files as read-only. Notes are another handy way to work amongst a group with one document. After all, group input is what makes a project work.


Source: Yammer.com

Need to have a private conversation with one coworker? The Inbox gives you this freedom. Use this feature to track private messages, mentions, and group announcements and have that conversation that you don’t want plastered on the Group feed.

Finally, you can use Yammer to identify related content or documents to increase your opportunity for collaboration with others. You can search for items related to your projects, see what others have accomplished, and enlist help from coworkers. The Home feed displays current news and activity. The Ticker shows any business progress in real time.

Needless to say, there isn’t much you can’t do with Yammer.