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How Can Jive Improve Customer Service?

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

If your company is consumer based and you are looking for an answer to how Jive will improve your company’s customer service then look no further. Jive software was designed with many types of companies in mind.

With features such as collaborative dialogues, a customer service toolkit, extended add-ons, and WorkTypes™, your company or small business will no longer be behind on the times, but instead will become a leading innovator.

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Many Fortune 500 companies such as GE, McAfee, and T-Mobile already use Jive within their customer service and support departments.

Jive’s collaborative dialogues

Since Jive was created with collaboration in mind, your company’s ability to respond to a customer’s needs more quickly is probably one of the leading reasons your company decided to purchase the software. Allowing all employees to collaborate together will help employees determine the right and wrong way to approach a certain customer situation.

For instance, with T-Mobile, a customer may call into the support department for help on unlocking a used phone to be used on their network. Since this is a rare occurrence, the employee who receives the call doesn’t know what to do or what to tell the customer. If the employee has Jive integrated into her workstation, she can ask the question through Jive, and an employee who knows the correct answer can respond quickly. The support agents can make small talk or place the customer on hold while they wait for the appropriate answer.

This feature will be effective only if all members of the staff are actively using Jive at all workstations; otherwise, the employee looking for help will be waiting an exorbitant amount of time for assistance.

Jive’s customer service toolkit

Jive Inc. designed its software to include a neat feature that provides subscribers with a customer service toolkit. The toolkit consists of several customer-based goodies that will ensure rapid success with your customer service and support departments.

The Jive customer service toolkit includes these key features:

  • Company website support page layouts

  • Customer loyalty program advice and tips

  • Training modules for customer support representatives

Jive’s extended add-ons

With one of the many extended add-ons (plug-ins) available to your Jive community, you will be able to connect with customers in a whole new way. Since Jive is a social software solution, you can install an add-on that connects your company’s community to consumer social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Instead of hiring an additional crack-team of people to manage an unprofessional site like Facebook, Jive integration will enable your workforce to stay connected with customers through these unconventional outlets.

For example, if your Jive community has Facebook and Twitter integration, you can manage your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts through the Jive application. You can create polls, post and manage discussions, manage photo albums, respond to comments, and so on.

Keep in mind, with Jive integration all employees have the ability to see what customer demographics look like, what the customers want, and to participate in customer collaboration to help your business develop a better product or service.

Jive’s WorkTypes™

Jive Inc. developed a tool included in the Jive software that determines a person’s work habits and styles and classifies this as a WorkType™. There are eight different employee types, which helps determine what position a person is best suited for.

For instance, choose someone who is classified in the Connectors category to deal with customers directly. Since connectors like to meet new people and bridge gaps by thriving on the social aspects of work, they are the perfect candidates for a customer service and/or support position.

If your company already uses Jive, check to see which features improve your customer relations.