How to Navigate Pinterest for Social Marketing - dummies

How to Navigate Pinterest for Social Marketing

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

You have to know your way around Pinterest so you can pin like a pro and find social marketing opportunities. Whenever you log in, you see the most recent pins added to the boards you follow.


Your Pinterest home page is broken down as follows:

  • Search: At the top-left is a Search box. Type a search term, and you’ll be taken to a menu where you can search for that term or name among Pins, Boards, or People.

  • Following: The images you see on your Pinterest page are from all Pinners who are your friends. For each Pinner, you can follow specific boards or all boards. When this section is bold, you are looking at the recent pins of all the users you follow.

  • Categories: When you click the Categories link, a drop-down menu appears, listing the available categories, which range from Animals and Architecture to Women’s Fashion and Videos. Select a category that interests you to see the most recent pins in that category by anyone and everyone on Pinterest. This menu gives you a way to browse for specific types of pins.


  • Everything: When you click the Everything link, you see the most recently pinned and repinned images made by anyone on Pinterest.

  • Popular: When you click the Popular link, you’re shown the most popular viral pins. That is, the pins that have the most people sharing, liking, and repinning them are considered popular pins.

  • Gifts: Pinterest can also be used as a handy shopping tool. When you click the Gifts link, you go to a page of the most recently pinned images with price tags on them.

  • Add+: Clicking this link in the top-right corner opens the Add box. You have the option to Add a Pin via a URL, Upload a Pin by locating an image file on your computer, or Create a new pin board to start adding stuff to.

  • About: This menu exists to give you more information about Pinterest, and it includes the following options:

    • Help: Need more help on Pinterest? Click here.

    • Pin It Button: Add a handy Pin It button to your browser’s toolbar for instant pinning ability while surfing the web.

    • Careers: Looking for a job and can’t get enough of Pinterest? Maybe they have an opening for you!

    • Team: The minds and faces behind your new (or soon-to-be new) obsession.

    • Blog: Find out what’s new and happening in the world of Pinterest.

    • Terms of Service: This is legal stuff that tells you what you can and can’t do while using the site. It’s definitely worth a read to make sure you stay within the rules.

    • Privacy: Here’s more legal stuff worth a read. Find out how Pinterest safeguards your privacy.

    • Copyright and Trademark: You find even more legal stuff, but this time it has to do with the intellectual property of both Pinterest and the items people are pinning. In short, don’t claim to own anything that you don’t.

  • You: Clicking your username takes you to your profile page. Hovering your mouse pointer on your username opens a drop-down menu. Use this drop-down menu to invite and find friends; access your boards, pins, and likes; adjust your settings; or log out.