Finding Buzz about Your Company on Pinterest - dummies

Finding Buzz about Your Company on Pinterest

By Kelby Carr

Part of Pinterest Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

People might already be raving about your company on Pinterest right now. Really! Whether you still haven’t even joined Pinterest or you are an old hand at it, you should find (and monitor) what people share about your company on Pinterest. Here are a few methods, and I recommend using them all:

  • Find pins from your site. Although it isn’t obvious (for example, it isn’t anywhere in the Pinterest menu options), you can find all pins from a specific site. Just go to your browser and enter the web address in this format: (replacing with, well, your domain). This takes you to a list of original pins from your site, and under each you can also see any repins and likes.

  • Search for your company name and industry. Use the search box in the top toolbar to search for terms related to your company name, product names, or even terms related to your industry to see what is getting buzz. After you conduct the search, you can filter results. Pin results are the default, but you can also look for boards related to your company or industry. You can also search people, which can be an important way to watch out for people impersonating your brand.

  • Search Google. Using Pinterest search isn’t the only way (or even the best way) to search for buzz about your company on Pinterest. You can also search the Pinterest site on Google by entering site: search term/company name; for example, site: Type-A Conference.

  • Get alerts. You can set up that same search in Google Alerts at and get an e-mail whenever there are results on Pinterest with a search term you specify, such as your company name. There is also a new site,, where you can enter domains and receive an e-mail when a new pin is posted with that domain.