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How to Promote Your Ning Network with Badges and Widgets

By Manny Hernandez

Networks on Ning offer you badges and widgets that you can have your members embed in other sites to help you promote the network — outside the network.

Badges show that the member belongs to your network, turning into a valuable endorsement. Widgets, in turn, offer a good means of disseminating multimedia network content virally.

Getting badges and widgets in Ning

Make sure the Get Badges feature is available from the main page:

  1. Click the Manage link in your navigation, and then click the Features link on the Manage page that appears.

    The Add Features to Your Network page appears.

  2. Drag the Get Badges feature from the Features list on the left and drop it where you want it to appear on the main page.

  3. Click the Save button.


    The feature now appears on your network’s main page.

Your members can obtain many different types of badges and widgets by clicking the Get More Badges link on the network’s main page, which takes them to the Badges & Widgets page. This page offers the following badges:

  • Member Badge: A small badge with the default message “I am a member of:” followed by the network’s name or logo image.

  • Network Badge (Large): Shows the profile images for 16 of your members. The images of the members get updated dynamically, reflecting the network’s most popular members.


  • Network Badge (Small): This smaller version of the network badge shows no member images.

You can also find these widgets on the Badges & Widgets page:

  • Photo Slideshow widget: Members can customize the player’s size, as well as the source of the pictures it shows.


  • Music Player widget: The Music Player gives members a few options to customize its size and whether it displays a playlist, as well as the source of the music.


  • Video Player widget: This widget’s Select Source drop-down list offers you the following options: Most Recent, Highest Rated, and Featured for all the videos in the network; and Most Recent and Highest Rated for the videos you’ve submitted (grouped under My Videos).

Customizing Ning badges and players

You can spice up the badges and players offered through your network to make them stand out even more. You can customize them in one of three ways:

  • Click the Customize link below any of the badges or widgets.

  • Click the Customize tab at the top of the Badges & Widgets page.

  • Click the Badges & Widgets link in the Spread the Word section of the Manage page.

When you follow any of these paths, you land on a page that lets you customize the badges and widgets to your heart’s content.


When the badges and widgets are looking the way you want them, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.