How to Promote a Member of Your Ning Group to Administrator

By Manny Hernandez

Don’t take promoting someone to an Administrator of your Ning network lightly, because Administrators have a lot of power in the network (power to do things and to undo them, including the removal — accidental or not — of a lot of content from the network). Promoting someone to Administrator in the network is very easy to do:

  1. Click the Manage link in your network’s navigation.

    The Manage page appears.

  2. Select the Members option below Your Members.


    The Manage Members page opens.

  3. Find the member you want to promote.

    Search for him or her by using the Search box next to the Search button or clicking successive pages at the bottom of the Members section until you find the member you want to promote.

  4. Select the check box next to the member’s name, click Actions, and select the Set Role: Administrator option from the drop-down list that appears.

    This drop-down list also includes the option to ban a member.

Your group member has just been promoted.

If you need to demote an Administrator to member level, follow the same steps, but select the Set Role: Member option from the Actions drop-down list.