How to Create Multiple Levels of Ning Network Administrators - dummies

How to Create Multiple Levels of Ning Network Administrators

By Manny Hernandez

You don’t have to give all your Ning network’s Administrators the same level of control. Your members can help you manage your network without your giving them full Administrative rights to the network:

1Click the Manage link in your network's navigation bar.

The Manage page opens.

2Click the Members link below the Your Members heading.

The Manage Members page that appears.

3Click the Manage Roles link.

The Manage Roles section that appears lets you add new roles, specific to certain tasks, so you can assign them to your members.

4If you want to remove an existing role, click the small x next to the role you want to delete.

Ning removes that role from your list.

5If you want to add a new role, click the Add a Role link.

The Add a Role page opens.

6Enter a Role Name in the text box.

Try to give the role an intuitive name, such as Photo Moderator or Forum Moderator.

7Select the check box (or check boxes) next to the feature(s) you want the role to have administrative rights over.

To deny a role a particular right, simply don’t check the box next to that right.

8Click the Add a Content Item link and, in the window that appears, enter the URL of a specific Ning item (such as a forum) for this role to administer.

This option becomes very useful when you have a topic that’s particularly popular, has gotten many comments, or is particularly controversial and you could use a few more eyes to keep tabs on it.

9Click the Save button.

Ning adds the role to your network’s list of roles.

10Click the Manage link in the navigation bar, then click the Members link.

You return to the Manage Members page.

11Click the check box next to the member to whom you want to give the role and pick the role that you want to assign from the Actions drop-down list.

You can have as many members assigned to a role as you need, and you can create as many as 20 roles on your network.