How to Block or Remove Friends on Ning - dummies

How to Block or Remove Friends on Ning

By Manny Hernandez

Occasionally, you may be annoyed by someone who’s your friend in a Ning network. You can block such a user without removing him or her as a friend. And sometimes, friendships get tarnished, so you want to just remove a user from your list of friends. Ning allows you to do both.

You can just block a friend who’s getting on your nerves until you cool down:

  1. Go to the friend’s profile page and then click the Block Messages link below his or her image.


    A dialog box appears, asking you to confirm whether you want to block all future messages and invitations from this person.

  2. Click the OK button.

    You no longer receive messages from that user, yet you’re still friends with this person: the best of both worlds!

Directly above the link to block a member’s messages is the Remove as Friend link (in the same place where the Add as Friend link appeared previously). If you click this link, you’re prompted to confirm whether you’re sure that you want to remove the person as a friend. If you click the OK button, this removes the person from your list of friends, with the following implications:

  • That user can no longer send you private messages in the network.

  • He or she can no longer view the content you set as being for friends to view.

  • He or she can no longer comment on the things you set as being for friends to comment on.

Fortunately for you, blocked and removed friends don’t get notified when you take these actions. They may still yell at you when they see their messages unanswered, but you can decide whether to deal with that situation.