How to Make the Most of Comments on MySpace Blogs - dummies

How to Make the Most of Comments on MySpace Blogs

You can comment on other MySpace users’ blogs, and others can comment on your MySpace blog. Every blog entry includes an Add Comment button at the bottom of the page. People click that link when they want to leave you a small message.

You can also leave one or two kudos for fellow bloggers. Just type your comment and click Post, and your comment is added to the blog (if the blog owner has enabled that function, of course).

Both the blog writer and readers can post comments; you can have an ongoing discussion with your readers by using this feature. These entries appear in sequential order, making it seem like you’re having an online conversation. Blogging doesn’t have to be only one-way!

Leaving comments on other blogs is a good way to encourage conversation on your own writings. Be more active in discussing blogs, and others do the same for you.

Set up a consistent schedule for posting your blogs. People are more likely to come back again and again if you put up fresh entries on a regular basis.