How to Create a MySpace Filmmaker Profile - dummies

How to Create a MySpace Filmmaker Profile

Creating a MySpace filmmaker profile is very similar to creating a personal MySpace profile. Except that with a filmmaker profile, you get an easy-to-use platform to show off your video masterpieces:

  1. Go to the MySpace and click the Sign Up link.

    This link takes you to the main Sign Up for MySpace page.

  2. Click the Filmmaker, Sign Up Here link below Profile Types.

    The Filmmaker registration window appears.

  3. Enter your basic account information and click the Sign Up button.

    Be sure to select the I Accept the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy check box. After you click Sign Up, the Additional Info window opens.

  4. Enter your specific film information and click the Continue button.


    When you enter this information, it appears on your public profile. (Think of it as an instant online résumé.)

    The Upload Photo form opens.

  5. Click the Browse button on the Upload Photo form.

    A dialog box opens.

  6. Find a photo or image on your local hard drive, select it, and click the Upload button.

    If, for some reason, you’re super impatient, you can click the Skip for Now link at the bottom of the photo-upload form to move on to the next step without adding a photo.

    After your photo uploads, the invitation form appears.

  7. In the MySpace invitation form, you can invite friends to join MySpace and enjoy your movies.

    If you don’t feel the need to send anything out, click the Skip for Now link in the bottom-right corner of the invitation form.

    The Upload Videos window on the MySpace Video portal appears. You’ve officially created your filmmaker profile!