How to Use Thomas' Myspace Editor to Customize Your MySpace Profile - dummies

How to Use Thomas’ Myspace Editor to Customize Your MySpace Profile

MySpace page generators allow you to customize your MySpace profile. Thomas’ Myspace Editor is a popular choice. You can use Thomas’ Myspace Editor to make your MySpace profile page unique.

1Go to Thomas' Myspace Editor.

On the first page of the editor, you get the instructions for using the site. Look them over.

2Click the Background button.

This page allows you to choose what you want to do with the background of your page.

3Select either a solid color or a background image.

If you select Yes from the Use Background Image drop-down list, you can enter the URL for that image in the Page Background Image URL text box.

4Select options from the Background Position, Background Tile, and Background Movement drop-down lists.

Decide what position the image should occupy, whether it should tile (repeat) across or down the page, and whether it should scroll with your MySpace page while it moves (or remain in place).

5After you make your background edits, click the Text button at the top of the page.

The Text screen allows you to alter page attributes such as text, links, and headings.

6Specify how you want the text to appear on your MySpace profile page.

There’s a huge amount of control here — while you choose what you want to modify, more options become available.

7Click the Tables button at the top of the page.

The Table screen appears.

8Specify your Borders and Table Background settings.

These settings change the appearance of tables in your MySpace profile.

9Click the Scrollbars button at the top of the page.

The Scrollbars screen appears, where you can modify your scroll bars and how they appear.

10Make any changes you want to the look of your scrollbars.

Clicking the Color button next to each option to view the color options.

11After you make all your changes, click the Code button.

The Code window opens with the code for your settings in the text box.

12If you want, preview what you've put together by clicking the Preview This Code button above the code text box.

You can use this preview to be sure you’re getting what you want.

13Copy this code into your About Me field on MySpace’s Profile Edit screen and save it.

You’re ready to go with your custom profile!