How to Create and Post a MySpace Blog Entry - dummies

How to Create and Post a MySpace Blog Entry

Blogging on MySpace is a snap. You can use MySpace to create your very own blog, and you can choose from a wide range of possible topics. Keep reading to get your MySpace blog started.

  1. Log in to your MySpace account.

    Your profile page appears.

  2. Click the Manage Blog link located in the Control Panel box on your MySpace profile to open the Control Panel.

    The Blog Control Center appears.

  3. Click the Post New Blog link in the My Controls box to access the Post a New Blog Entry window.

    At the top of the Post a New Blog Entry window are fields to choose the date and time you’re posting (MySpace enters them for you by default), along with a subject line and the Category drop-down list.

  4. Enter a title for the blog post you’re writing in the Subject field.

    You don’t have to enter anything in the Subject field, but this information gives the reader some advance notice about what he or she will read. Your subject line is the teaser for your entire blog post, and it should summarize what’s going to be talked about inside your writings. Something like “Crappy Day” or “Hi” probably won’t get a huge amount of attention, but something with a little flair or craziness might do the trick.

  5. Select an applicable category for your post from the Category drop-down list, if you want.

  6. Enter your actual blog entry in the large text field.

  7. To insert an item into your blog, select the appropriate button from the Advanced Editor toolbar.


    You have these options:

    • Insert Link: The button featuring the globe and a chain link below it.

    • Add Image: The button featuring an image of a picture.

    • Insert Symbol: The button featuring a key from a keyboard.

    • Insert Emoticon: The button featuring . . . well, an emoticon.

  8. Fill out the information in the window that pops up and click OK (if you’re inserting a link or image), or make a selection from the options that appear (if you’re inserting a symbol or smiley).

    The link or image will be inserted automatically into your blog entry.

  9. Select a subject from the Tell Us What You’re Reading, Viewing, or Listening To drop-down list.


  10. Click the Search button to look for your current pastime and let the world know how much that new album impressed you.

  11. Select a mood from the Current Mood drop-down list or typing in your own.

    The drop-down list attaches an emoticon to your mood as a visual clue.

  12. If you don’t want readers to be able to leave comments or kudos, uncheck the Comments check box.

  13. Select a Privacy radio button.

    These buttons appears below the Comments check box. Your options are

    • Public: The default setting; your writings are free and open to whomever stumbles on your profile.

    • Diary: Only you can read the entry. Everybody else is blocked from accessing it.

    • Friends: Only those on your Friend List can view your blogs.

    • Preferred List: Only those on your Preferred List can view the entries.

  14. When you’re finished with your blog entry, click the Preview & Post button at the bottom of the page.

    MySpace shows you what your blog entry currently looks like.

  15. Click the Post Blog, Edit, or Cancel button, depending on what you want to do with the blog entry.