Increasing Google+ Value - dummies

By Jesse Stay

Part of Google+ Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You may wonder what Google+ can give you that Facebook or Twitter or other social networks can’t. Here are a few of the best features of Google+ your marketing strategy should embrace right now to see immediate success:

  • Trending terms. Like Twitter, Google+ has trending terms, which you can see in the upper-right of the news feed. Because (at least so far) there are fewer users on Google+ than on Twitter, it’s much easier to rank in trending terms on Google+. Take advantage of this situation while you can! When you click a trending term — or any hashtag (or just search for anything) — a stream of very rich content appears, and it updates automatically. When you update from that stream, you don’t even have to include the term for it to be added to the conversation under that particular term. This unique view provides an experience that neither Twitter or Facebook can offer.

  • Hangouts. With Hangouts, you can video-chat with up to nine other people (10 total) at a time. This provides major opportunities to meet new people, network, and open up your brand. You can also turn on “Hangouts On Air” and broadcast your Hangouts to the world, which also records your conversations to be viewed later on YouTube.

  • The +1 button. The +1 button isn’t just another version of the “Like” button on Facebook. A +1 endorses anything you see on Google+ or any website that integrates the +1 button. Your friends can then see what you endorsed, which improves their interest in that item. At the same time, your +1 also contributes to the factors that rank that content in search results. Use +1 buttons to affect search!

  • Events. Much like Facebook, Google+ provides events to which anyone you invite can RSVP. The big difference is that you can organize events around Google+ Hangouts, providing a virtual experience on top of a live experience. At the same time, your events’ attendees can visit the mobile app for Google+ on their phones and turn on what’s called “party mode”. When attendees turn on party mode, every photo or video they take during the event will be posted automatically from their phones to the event’s wall for others to view and see during and after the event. It gives posterity lots of stuff to see.