The Basics of Updating Your Facebook Status - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Updating your Facebook status is where the fun really begins. In the long, thin rectangle that appears at the top of either of your Facebook pages, type in your status — some words about what’s going on with you at the moment.

Inside the status-update box, you see the question What’s on your mind? To answer the question — called posting — click inside the box and type any message you wish.

Most people use the update feature to let other people know what they’re doing at that given moment — so often you see quick notes such as “Baking a cake for my in-laws” or “Going to work out on the treadmill.”

You can attach videos, photos, or links to interesting pages on the web. If you’re posting your update from your Profile page, you can add places or Life Events. Click the icon representing the item, should you want to attach something to your comment. To attach a website link to a status update:

  1. Type your status update into the text box.

  2. Navigate in another browser tab to the website you want to share and select its URL by highlighting it in your browser’s address bar.

    Then copy it by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

  3. Paste the URL below your comments by clicking and then pressing Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

    A mini-version of your linked page will appear below the comment.


  4. After the thumbnail of your link appears in the update box, you can delete the URL.

    The thumbnail contains the link to the article or page.

When you’re done typing the message (and attaching a photo, video, or link), check the Privacy selector (click the small globe icon) to be sure you’ve chosen who gets to see the update. Now click the Post button at the bottom right of the status-update section.

The words you typed in your status update (if you did not attach a link or photo) appear with your name at the top of your Facebook Timeline.