How to See the Photos You Are In on Facebook - dummies

How to See the Photos You Are In on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you are probably in a ton of photos. You can see the photos you are in without having to go all over Facebook, as long as you are tagged in them. Maybe you tagged them yourself, or your friends may have tagged you. The first place your friends will likely encounter photos of you is in the thumbnail photo(s) in the row of images at the top of your Profile. Clicking any thumbnail photo opens an album of Photos of You. People can click through a full history of photos of you (that they can see, of course).

Another common way to see all the photos of you is to click the Photos tab beneath your Profile picture. Most of your friends can also get to these pages, but the photos and videos they can see may differ.

The Photos tab displays photos and videos of you. Remember, if a photo or video of you has a tag that you don’t like, you can always remove that tag.

If there’s a photo or video you don’t want on Facebook at all, even after you’ve removed the tag, get in touch with your friend and ask him to remove it.

Generally, your friends can comment on any of your photos or videos, and you can comment on any of theirs. You can delete comments you leave as well as any comments on your photos that you don’t like or think are inappropriate. You can see all the comments on one of your albums by navigating to that album and clicking the Comments view button in the top right of the page.

Facebook now offers the Profile Review, which allows you to review all the tags people add of you before those photos, videos, and other posts are actually added to your Profile. You can reject tags for photos you don’t like or don’t want to be associated with. Remember, just because you reject a tag doesn’t mean the photo won’t be added to Facebook; it just means you won’t be officially marked as in it. If you really don’t want a specific photo or video on Facebook, contact the friend who uploaded the content and ask them to take it down.