How to Navigate the Bottom Links on Facebook - dummies

How to Navigate the Bottom Links on Facebook

By Carolyn Abram

In blue type at the very bottom of every Facebook page, you see a set of links collectively called the footer. The footer is the catch-all for important information about Facebook the social network, Facebook for business, Facebook the company, and the Facebook policies.

As you scroll down your Home page to links, it may seem like you scroll forever and the links keep on jumping down the page. This isn’t your imagination. When you scroll down the Home page, Facebook assumes you want to read more News Feed posts, so it shows more. If you’re trying to get to these bottom links, log out of Facebook and click them from Facebook’s log-in page.

Here is a description of each link:

  • About: This link takes you to the official Facebook Page, where you can read about key features of Facebook, see the latest headlines and announcements from the company, discover the newest Facebook features, and see links to recent articles written about Facebook.

  • Create Ad: If you’re running ads on Facebook, or want to, this is where you go to get started and keep track of any ad campaigns.

  • Create Page: Pages are basically Timelines for businesses, causes, and other non-people. This link takes you to the Create a Page screen.

  • Developers: Many of the apps and games you can use on Facebook are written by outside developers who don’t work at Facebook. If you’re interested in creating a new Facebook application, this is your link.

  • Careers: Want to work for Facebook? Click this link to find out what jobs are available and all about the working environment.

  • Privacy: Details the Facebook Data Use Policy, if you’re looking for a little light bedtime reading.

  • Cookies: Sadly, clicking this link doesn’t make chocolate chip cookies suddenly appear in your hand. Instead, it brings you to a page that explains how Facebook uses web cookies, or stored data on your web browser. Cookies are used on many websites to keep your experience more convenient (for example, automatically displaying Facebook in the language of whatever country your computer is in) and to deliver ads to you.

  • Terms: This link takes you to a page where you can view all of Facebook’s Terms and Policies, including the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (which you agreed to when you signed up) and the Data Use Policy.

  • Help: The Help Center gives you all sorts of tools for finding out how to use the site and how to stay safe on Facebook. If you can’t find an answer, search for an answer in the Facebook Help Center.