How to Navigate Facebook’s News Feed - dummies

How to Navigate Facebook’s News Feed

By Carolyn Abram

When navigating Facebook, the blue bar and the sidebar are very important. At the same time, they pale in comparison to the News Feed. They mainly serve as a bit of a background to the News Feed. This News Feed is what you see as the main focus of your Home page.

So what is News Feed? Imagine that your morning paper, news show, or radio program included an additional section that featured articles solely about the specific people you know. That’s what News Feed is. As long as the people you know are active on Facebook, you can stay up-to-date with their lives via your News Feed.

A friend may post photos from his recent birthday party, another may write a post about her new job, and another may publish a public event for her upcoming art show. These may all show up as stories in your Facebook News Feed.

A News Feed bonus: You can often use it to stay up-to-date on current events just by seeing what your friends are talking about or by liking the Pages of real-world news organizations and getting their updates in your News Feed.

News Feed is possibly one of the best and most interesting things about Facebook, but also one of the hardest to explain. This is because no matter how it’s described, it won’t be as exciting as when your friend posts a photo of her with her newborn baby.

On the right side of the Home page, next to News Feed, are two boxes. The top box is the News Feed menu. It can be used to change your view of News Feed. By view, this refers to who or what you see in the News Feed portion of the Home page.

By default, News Feed doesn’t show you absolutely everything that is happening on Facebook; it tries to show you stories about people you care about, and it tries to show you interesting stories about those people. If you don’t like the mix that Facebook creates for you, though, you can choose a different view from this News Feed menu.

You can see some of the options in the News Feed menu if you click the down arrow beneath it. This expands the menu to some of the most common views. For example, you may just want to see stories from and about close friends (the people you interact with most on Facebook).

Or you may want to see the most recent posts. Or you may want to see all the content related to music, such as what people are listening to or the artists people like. You can see posts from certain groups or from all the people who went to high school or college with you. You get the idea.

The second box on the right side of the page can be referred to as the reminders box. Reminders include things like friends’ birthdays, upcoming events, Friend Requests, and requests from apps. You may also see notifications here about life events people add on Facebook — for example, a couple getting engaged or having a baby.

The bottom part of the reminders box is a reminder of something else: that although Facebook is free for you to use, the way it makes its money is through showing you (and everyone else) ads. The sponsored section of this box shows a variety of ads.