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Two-Column Left Sidebar Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

The mirror image of the two-column right sidebar layout, this two-column blog design showcases your main blog content on the right side with a sidebar on the left. Opting for a sidebar on the right is definitely the more common choice in blogland, but using a left sidebar can still make an impact.

Here, you see the blog The Two in Love uses this layout style beautifully. This blog design starts off with a large blog name and photo that pull you down towards the navigation menu and social media buttons.

[Credit: © Becky Hankla at, Blog Design by Bri Lamkin at TheSecretLifeofBee.c
Credit: © Becky Hankla at, Blog Design by Bri Lamkin at

Because folks read left to right, content placed in a left sidebar often takes more prominence than content in a right sidebar. This makes a left sidebar a good place to have advertising or something important you want the reader to know or do.

In addition, you want your main column to be especially attractive in order to draw the reader’s eye over to read a post. You can achieve this with good imagery and a blog post title style that uses a special font or color.

A blog design that uses a left sidebar does have some disadvantages. First, this layout type can negatively affect search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines scan content from left to right (just like how most humans do) and place more importance at what they scan first. You want search engines to read your main content first rather than something like navigational links or an advertisement.

You can get around the search engine disadvantage by ensuring that the HTML structure of your site places your main content first instead of after the left sidebar content. The good news is that many themes do this for you; otherwise, you have to adjust your CSS to implement this, which may not always be easy to implement.