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Reaching Out to Other Bloggers to Promote Your Blog

By Amy Lupold Bair

Don’t forget that other bloggers may be your primary audience. These folks are online and already familiar with blogs, and you’re likely to find other bloggers with whom you have much in common. Meeting with bloggers in person and communicating with them online are terrific ways to network and market your blog. Bloggers are well known for promoting each other’s content on their own blogs and via social media. You might be able to generate additional readership by creating relationships with bloggers!

Meeting in person

Meeting bloggers in person is not only a great way to grow your online community but also provides you with a network of local coworkers. Most cities have an active community of bloggers that you can join:

  • Consider joining the local branch of your Social Media Club. Often, the members of social media organizations are also bloggers.
  • Be sure to include your email address on your blog, and let people know that you want to connect with fellow bloggers. Look for similar information on the blogs that you read if you’re interested in getting in touch with a blogger.
  • Look for bloggers who identify their locations, and get to know them on their blogs by posting comments.
  • Visit Meetup, and search for blogger get-togethers in your area. Many bloggers network with other nearby bloggers on a regular basis. You can even look up get-togethers when you’re visiting a new place.
  • Organize your own get-together and publicize it on your blog, Twitter, or on Meetup.

Using social networks

Social networking sites are designed to connect you with your current group of friends and extend those connections out to their friends. Each site discussed here has a different mechanism for making that happen, and different types of community interaction occur. LinkedIn, for example, is a professional networking site designed to showcase your work background and interests so that you can make connections to others in your field.

You can make friends in social-networking online communities, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. Social networking sites usually give bloggers a way to link to blogs or even to notify others about new blog posts via profile pages. If you’re looking for online connections in the blogging community, these communities are a great place to start.

In fact, a lot of bloggers regard their blogs as a form of networking, and they’re already looking to make these kinds of connections via social networking websites.

Facebook is a wonderful tool for bloggers hoping to connect with other members of the blogging communities. Many bloggers participate in several Facebook groups based on various blogging-related topics from blog niche to blog promotion. After you’ve connected with a couple members of your blog community, ask them to invite you to join a couple of their favorite Facebook groups in order to meet additional bloggers and learn more about the craft.

Twitter is another fabulous place to find and grow your blogging relationships. Search for hashtags related to your blog niche or even your home city to find the bloggers who are tweeting about the topics that matter to you. Because of the casual nature of this platform, you should feel free to tweet to people and introduce yourself, joining conversations when appropriate.

Google+ provides bloggers with another opportunity to connect with and grow their blogger communities. Check out your friends’ circles to see whom you might want to add to your own. And don’t forget to join the occasional Google Hang Out that fits with your blog niche!

Regardless of whether the connections in your social networks have blogs, you can use the site to let them know about your blog. With luck, you’ll build up your audience and the participation on your blog by leveraging the goodwill of people you know and the people they know!