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Product Development for Mom Bloggers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Think of product development in terms of more than actual products. As a mom blogger you might sell your services as well. As you get a better idea of what people want or need, then you can start to develop ideas about what you want to sell from your mom blog that will be useful to your customers.

If you sell your services as a mom blogger, think of what you do in terms of packaged service plans, kind of like a cable service provider bundles phone, Internet, and TV packages.

For example, social media consultant Barbara Rozgonyi ultimately wants to get hired for a wide variety of projects, but she puts her services into easily understandable and sellable packages to encourage new clients to try out her most popular services. For example, she has put together a starter service package she calls the Always On PR Strategic Plan Design. It includes specifics like these:

  • 90-minute preliminary consulting session

  • Marketing communications, visibility, and reputation audit

  • Reports such as website performance and social media mentions

  • Six-month Accelerated Marketing Plan

  • 90-minute kick-start strategy session

The benefits of selling her services in this manner are also listed:

  • Flat-rate pricing: New clients can make a purchase knowing exactly what they’ll receive and know they won’t get charged for unanticipated expenses.

  • Efficient use of her time: Barbara puts together a group of services that she knows she can do quickly and efficiently, especially because she’ll be doing the same thing for many clients. This way she can create saved reports and document templates that make it easier to produce these service packages in bulk.

  • Appealing to a range of clients: Some people only need a little guidance and can do the rest of the work on their own. Others will want to hire Barbara to do everything. Creating package plans like this makes her expertise accessible to clients with small budgets, but doesn’t hinder her ability to take on large-scale projects with big budgets.