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How Blog Posts Images Affect Blog Design

By Melissa Culbertson

Deciding where images should go within your blog posts plays an important role in your overall blog design. Placing images effectively captures readers and invites them to stay to read your blog. Placing images haphazardly can send potential readers away without so much as a backward glance.

When a new reader lands on your blog, you need a point in your post that can immediately catch their eye. To do that, always try to place one image above the fold of your blog design, which is the point where the visitor must scroll down to see more.

An image above the fold of your design becomes a teaser of sorts, enticing the reader to scroll down to see (and read) more past the blog post title.

If the only image that can potentially be seen above the fold is your blog header, your header size might be too large.

As the story or purpose of your post develops in the text, images should reinforce the information the text conveys and break up the text as readers continue through your post. Images deeper within a post create a visual path through your posts in a way that text alone just can’t do.

Images also provide clarity to your readers. For example, if you’re working through a how-to explanation, such as a craft or software tutorial, showing images of steps along the way makes each step much easier to understand than just showing the end result.


Don’t go overboard with images. Maybe only one image is enough for your post. If that’s the case, just format your text in a way that easily moves readers through your post.