Create Customized Sponsorships for Brands and Advertisers - dummies

Create Customized Sponsorships for Brands and Advertisers

By Wendy Piersall, Heather B. Armstrong

Custom campaigns are just that: custom. Creating customized campaigns for advertisers can include social media outreach with Twitter and Facebook or creating special content for a particular advertiser.

Back before Twitter and Facebook were such an integral part of our lives, the conversations that happen on these sites were happening on blogs and in forums. So, even though you can sell advertising on your blog, it’s becoming more and more important that advertising programs become integrated social media marketing campaigns.

Traditional banner advertising doesn’t get a great return on investment in the first place. The average click-through rate on a banner ad is only 3–10 clicks per 1,000 views — kind of horrible by any measurement of advertising success.

Advertisers are moving away from doing simple banner advertising and putting together entire campaigns that tie banner ads into a Facebook outreach program — with a Twitter campaign that may even be supported by television, radio, or magazine advertising. Companies are finding that the more they can truly engage potential customers in real conversations and actions, the more likely the marketing campaigns will turn out successfully.

As a mom blogger, you’ll find that your best opportunities won’t be limited to things you can do on your blog. Building up your community on Facebook and Twitter will open the doors to more ways that advertisers can work with you — and sometimes may be the deciding factor as to whether they work with you or with someone else.

But creating customized campaigns for advertisers isn’t just limited to social media outreach. Several excellent campaigns have been developed around creating special content for a particular advertiser.

This can include tutorial projects, videoblogging, helpful articles, giveaways, or any other kind of content that incorporates the advertiser’s products or services into quality blog posts that readers enjoy — even if the posts originated in response to a sponsor’s request.

There are also many opportunities to have sponsors foot the bill to send you to an event or conference, as long as you work with them to promote their products or services to your readers and while you’re at the event.