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Blogs Can Create Online Communities

By Deborah Ng

Blogs are no longer personal online journals but have evolved into online communities. Many businesses and individuals start blogs in order to bring in business and even make money. For example, a cosmetics brand might use a beauty blog to write short articles called blog posts to share beauty tips and techniques. Blogs are also a terrific way to showcase product news and information.

Because blogs are content heavy, they catch the attention of search engines like Google or Bing. In order to rank high on the search engines and bring in new readers, most bloggers have to research traffic-building techniques in addition to community management techniques.

A blog’s community grows over time as more readers tune in, usually as a result of their own online research. Community happens when readers participate in the day’s blog topics. By commenting, readers are able to share their views and take part in an intelligent discussion.

The only place to take part in topic talks is the comment section at the bottom of each blog post, but that doesn’t stop readers from having a lively and productive chat.


Moderating a blog’s community is also relatively easy. Each blog platform comes with a comment moderation system that allows the blogger or community manager to delete spam messages or abusive comments, keeping the atmosphere positive and productive. Because comments are specific to each day’s discussion topic, commenters more or less have to stay on topic.