Remain Playful and Light-Hearted when Practicing Mindfulness - dummies

Remain Playful and Light-Hearted when Practicing Mindfulness

By Shamash Alidina, Joelle Jane Marshall

A lovely attitude to have towards mindfulness and life in general is playfulness and light-heartedness. If a meditation doesn’t work for you first time or doesn’t feel right for you, don’t panic but think of the experience as an experiment that you can try again later.

Approach mindfulness as you would a new game or trying something new for fun. This way, you can take the practice as it comes without holding on to any concepts or ideas you have about how things should be.

The next time you have to do a boring task, see how long you can feel your breathing at the same time. Each time your mind wanders off, crack a big smile and a fake laugh. Then try again.

A playful attitude isn’t limited to mindfulness. If you get bored at work, ask yourself what you could do to make things more interesting. Offer to make cups of tea for the entire team? Listen to some funky music on your headphones? Plan a lunch with your colleagues and have a good laugh at a local restaurant? The sky’s the limit.

Many research studies show the positive benefits of fun and play on the brain: you become less frustrated, more creative and better able to find solutions to problems.