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How to Cite Your Sources in

By April Leigh Helm, Matthew L. Helm

A source is any material (book, document, record, or periodical, for example) that provides information for your genealogy research. In (or any other software you are using) you should cite the sources of all facts and information that you enter into profiles on your family tree.

Keeping track of sources helps you remember where you discovered the information and helps other researchers retrace your steps. If you find conflicting information later, returning to the source can help you sort out the reliability of your information. Follow these steps to cite a source for a fact you’ve added to your tree:

1Display the profile page for the person you want to cite a source for.

If your family tree isn’t onscreen, place the mouse cursor over the Family Trees button at the top of the home page. A secondary menu drops down showing the family tree you created. Click the family tree name to display your family tree. Your family tree is displayed with the Pedigree view.

Place the mouse cursor over the name of a person on your family tree. A pop-over box appears with more information about the person on your family tree. Select View Profile.

2Click the Facts and Sources tab.

The Facts and Sources page appears.

3Click the Source Citations button.

The button is located just under the Facts and Sources tab.

4Click the Add a Source Citation link on the right.

The Create Source Citation Information page appears.

5Click the Create a New Source link under Step 1 onscreen.

The link appears just below the Select a Source drop-down box. The Create a New Source page appears.

6Fill out fields for the source of the information.

You don’t have to fill out all fields. The only required field is Title.

7Near the bottom of the page, click the Create a New Repository link.

A repository is a place that holds the source that you’re citing, such as a library or a person’s house, in the case of the location of family photos. The Create a New Repository page appears.

8Fill out the fields to describe the repository.

When you’re finished, click the Save Repository button to save the repository and return to the Create a New Source page.

Note that after you’ve created a repository once, it’s then available for you to use in future citations.

9Click the Save Source button.

The source title is now reflected in the drop-down box under Step 1 on the Create Source Citation Information page.

10Complete the fields under the Citation portion of the source (Step 2 on the Create Source Citation Information page).

The Detail field is the only required field in this section.

11If you have a scanned document, an audio recording, or a video recording that you want to include as part of the source, click the Yes radio button under Step 3 on the Create Source Citation Information page.

Under Step 4 on the Create Source Citation Information page, select the box next to the fact or event that you want the source to document.

Click the Save Source Citation button.