How to Install a Programming Editor for Ruby in Mac OS X

By Christopher Haupt

After you have Ruby, Homebrew, and associated developer software, which includes the gem Gosu, ready to go, you need a programming editor for Ruby. To install Atom, follow these steps:

1In your browser, go to Atom Installer and click the Download for Mac button.

Atom is a free, powerful code editor that can be used for programming many different computer languages. It works well with Ruby.

Depending on the settings of your browser, the Atom download archive may automatically uncompress or a zip file may be placed in your Downloads folder.

2Drag the Atom icon to your Applications folder.

If you see a zip file rather than the Atom icon, double-click the zip file to uncompress it manually.

3Double-click the Atom icon in the Applications folder and check out the editor.

You should see the Atom welcome screen. You’re all set to start programming with Ruby!