The Random Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies - dummies

The Random Movement Style for Gamestar Mechanic Enemies

Part of Gamestar Mechanic For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Enemies with random movement styles in Gamestar Mechanic turn around whenever they feel like it. Though they generally move in a straight line, they often turn with no warning — and, sometimes, with less than a second’s delay between turns. This can make a game somewhat luck-based, but some well-placed randomizers can make for an exciting experience.

You can modify these Turn Direction settings:

  • Reverse: The enemy erratically runs back and forth along a straight line, occasionally reversing direction. This setting is helpful for keeping randomized enemies under control because the Reverse setting forbids them from leaving a certain line.

  • Left or Right: The only thing keeping these enemies from behaving with total randomness is one strange little rule: They can turn only counterclockwise, or clockwise, depending on the settings. Enemies with these settings are therefore easier to predict and avoid, and they tend to stay near their starting positions because they’re constantly backtracking.

  • Random: This enemy’s behavior is entirely random, running about with nowhere to go. A few of these enemies can add some eccentricity to a game, though you probably don’t want a whole level full of them.

Random enemies work well as energetic wanderers that make your game different each time.