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The Other Events in GameMaker: Studio

By Michael Rohde

In GameMaker: Studio, Other events are those not deemed worthy of their own place on the Event menu. These Other Events can be kinda awesome. The menu items are pretty much self-explanatory, so details are not needed here. For full descriptions of each of these items, you can always press F1 within the GameMaker and search for Events.


The Other Events are

  • Outside Room: The Event is triggered when the Instance leaves the Room.

  • Intersect Boundary: The Event is triggered when the Instance touches the inside edge of the Room.

  • Views: This option has a submenu from which you can choose Outside View or Intersect Boundary. The Views here correlate with the Views in the Room.

  • Game Start: This Event is triggered only once during the game. The Game Start Event is triggered after the Create Event of all other Instances. You can use this Event in controller Objects to start music and initialize global variables and other Actions that you want to happen at the start of the game.

  • Game End: This Event is also triggered only once during the game. It really works only with Windows, Ubuntu (Linux), and Mac OS — it doesn’t work well on all mobile devices.

  • Room Start and Room End: These Events are triggered when a Room starts or ends.

  • No More Lives: GameMaker uses global variables, and Lives is one of them. This Event is triggered when the player runs out of lives and is typically set up to restart a Room or end the game.

  • No More Health: Health is another global variable. You can use this Event to decrease the number of player’s lives when the player’s health is depleted.

  • Animation End: This Event works with Sprites and sub-images. Basically, this Event is triggered when all the sub-images of a Sprite are finished playing. A good example for an Action for an Animation End Event would be for an explosion Sprite to destroy itself when it’s done playing.

  • End of Path: If you use Paths in your game, this Event could be useful for when an Instance reaches the end of the Path.

  • User Defined Event: This Event is triggered by code that you write through an Execute Code Action. This Event also works with all the Actions.