The Gamestar Mechanic News Feed - dummies

The Gamestar Mechanic News Feed

The first screen you see after you log in to your account is the lobby, which is the hub for Gamestar Mechanic users. The upper-left corner of the lobby contains the news feed, which provides news about the Gamestar Mechanic community. Each entry includes an icon and a couple lines of text.

Here’s how the news feed works:

  • It connects you with the dynamics of the website. The news feed tells you all about what’s going on with you as well as the mechanics you’re following. If the icon for a post is to the right of the text, the post is about something you’ve done recently. If the icon is on the left, someone whom you’re following has done something interesting.

  • It’s interactive. All users, news articles, and games mentioned in the feed are highlighted in blue, allowing you to click them to view the relevant pages.

  • It’s quick and easy to use. You don’t need to regularly watch and respond to the news feed — it’s simply there. The news feed provides a constant stream of helpful information, so you can glance at it whenever you pass through the lobby.

You can recognize the content of each post at a glance by looking at the icons and the keywords highlighted in blue. The following list shows you what the icons in the news feed correspond to:

  • News: Refers to sticky posts, the news items occasionally posted by the Gamestar Mechanic administrators. Shown over a yellow background, a sticky post adheres to the top of the news feed, becoming the center of attention until the next important news post replaces it.


  • Publication: Indicates that you — or someone you’re following — has published a new game. Click the name of the game to play it.


  • Edit: Signifies that a game has been edited and republished, which means that it has been updated, improved, expanded, or otherwise changed in some way.


  • Review: Signals that either you reviewed a game or someone you’re following reviewed one of your games.


  • Comment: Similar to the icon in the preceding bullet, refers to a comment from you or someone you’re following.


  • Following: Suggests that either you’re following someone new or someone you’re already following has decided to follow you.


  • Badge: Refers to an achievement obtained by you or someone you’re following. The badge obtained through the achievement is used as the icon.


  • Recommendation: Implies that someone you’re following has recommended a game that you might like. This icon also appears whenever you recommend a game to someone.


Whenever you log in to the site, the lobby updates you on activities on the website.