What is Minecraft Modding? - dummies

By Sarah Guthals, Stephen Foster, Lindsey Handley

Minecraft modding can offer you a way to show your individuality in the gaming world. Video games are made up of thousands of lines of code. Code makes players (like you) able to explore new worlds, interact with characters, and have fun.

Some games, like Minecraft, allow players to add their own code to the games to create new worlds, challenges, or even characters. You can learn how to write these game modifications — or mods — and you can then see how to write code.

Perhaps you have already begun to explore the world of Minecraft mods. Programmers all around the world have created their own mods and then shared them with Minecraft players — for free. Learn how to download and install Minecraft mods from other players.

Mods can consist of almost any task; this list describes a few tasks that you can accomplish by using mods:

  • Texture: Change the way the Minecraft world looks by applying a new texture pack.

  • Block interaction: Cause an explosion whenever the player destroys a block of type wood.

  • New block: Create new blocks.

  • Minigame: Create a minigame to play within a Minecraft world.

  • Large structure: Create huge structures to explore and personalize — ones that would take a long time to make by hand but take only a short time to make with code.