The Neutral Biomes of Minecraft - dummies

The Neutral Biomes of Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay, Jacob Cordeiro

Neutral biomes in Minecraft tend to connect all the other biomes. From oceans to hills, you can’t miss these biomes. This list describes the neutral biomes:

  • Ocean: Large oceans, often extending over 3,000 blocks, offer water, squid, and gravel. The ocean floor includes small mountains and plains, including the rare cavern entrance.

    Console versions have oceans on the edges of world maps.

  • Deep Ocean: A deep ocean is often twice the depth of a normal ocean and is home to ocean monuments, which are shown in the following figure), including the hostile guardians and elder guardians. These monuments also feature prismarine blocks and 8 gold blocks (as a treasure prize).

  • Hills: Hills can be added to jungle, ice, taiga, desert, and forest biomes. Some players find climbing and building minecart tracks discouraging in these biomes, whereas other players enjoy creating bases among the cliffs.

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