How to Make Brewing Tools in Minecraft - dummies

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay

If you want to survive in Minecraft, you’ll want to eventually get into brewing. Brewing potions enables you to do anything from increasing your life, to speeding up your step, or to even seeing in the dark. Check out some of the really cool things you can do to improve your game using potions.

Making glass bottles

Essential to brewing potions, glass bottles provide the water for a brewing stand and hold the resulting potion. They’re easily crafted from 3 glass blocks placed in a v shape in the crafting grid, yielding 3 bottles.

To fill a glass bottle with water, hold the bottle in your hand, and right-click on a water source, or a filled cauldron. Keep in mind that some of the cauldron will be emptied if you fill your glass bottle from the cauldron.


Brewing in cauldrons

A cauldron has two main functions:

  • Hold water in the Nether. Buckets of water evaporate.

  • Wash the dye from leather armor. To wash dye from your leather armor, hold the armor in your hand, and right-click the cauldron.

You craft a cauldron by placing 7 iron ingots in a U shape on the crafting grid. Because a cauldron requires more iron to craft than a bucket, players often make the cauldron much later in the game.


Making a brewing stand

A brewing stand is used to make potions. One of its ingredients, a blaze rod, is obtained in the Nether.

Similar to an enchantment table, a brewing stand has its own GUI, featuring a slot in the top for a primary ingredient and three slots in the bottom for water bottles, which will ultimately hold the complete potion. To craft a brewing stand, place 3 cobblestone in the bottom horizontal row with a blaze rod in the middle slot.