How to Craft a Bow and Arrows in Minecraft - dummies

How to Craft a Bow and Arrows in Minecraft

By Jesse Stay, Thomas Stay

You will want to make sure you are provisioned to protect yourself. Minecraft gives you many options for weaponry. One option you have is to craft a bow and some arrows.

Crafting your bow

The relationship between your bow and arrow, and the defense your arrow provides has a few layers:

  • The more charge the bow has, the farther the arrow travels.

  • The farther the arrow travels, the stronger the arrow becomes.

  • The stronger the arrow, the slower your player moves as you charge back the bow.

  • The slower your player moves, the more zoomed-in the camera gets, allowing you to better aim at your target.

  • The slower you move and the more zoomed-in the camera gets, the better the accuracy of your shot.

A fully charged bow inflicts 4 1/2 hearts of damage, with the rare chance of inflicting 5. When the bow isn’t charged, it deals only half a heart.

The bow has four different textures: one default and three charging. The default texture has a shaft and a hand grip along with a string. The three other textures show a stretched string along with an arrow, ready to be fired. Each texture increasingly stretches the bow string. When your bow string is fully stretched, your bow is fully charged to shoot at full potential!

To craft the bow, follow these steps on your crafting grid:

  1. Place a stick at the bottom middle position.

  2. Place a stick in the middle position to the right or left.

  3. Put a stick in the middle top position.

  4. Place three strings in a vertical column, where the stick at the end is not located. (If the stick is to the left, place the string to the right.)

    You’ve created the bow!


The bow, like many other crafted items, can be used as an ingredient in redstone.

You cannot use the bow without arrows.

Crafting an arrow

When you fire an arrow from a bow, you can significantly damage a mob from a distance (whereas a sword must be used at close range). When the bow is at the perfect angle and is fully charged, you can shoot the arrow a total of 120 blocks away — that’s a lot of blocks!

The arrow travels in an arc, and you can retrieve the arrows you have fired. Arrows shot by skeletons (a type of mob in Minecraft) cannot be retrieved, and neither can arrows fired from an infinity bow (an enchanted bow that never runs out of arrows that you or other players can shoot).

The texture of an arrow consists of the arrow head at the top, the stick in the middle, and the feathers (fletching) at the end.

You can craft four arrows at a time by placing a flint, a stick, and a feather in the crafting grid.