How to Move and Edit Sprites in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game - dummies

How to Move and Edit Sprites in Your Gamestar Mechanic Game

The toolbox is a game design engine on Gamestar Mechanic that allows you to edit and move sprites in your game. Once you have become familiar with its simple format, you can start designing your own great games.

Moving sprites

If you’ve misplaced a sprite or simply want to move it to a new location, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Move tool if it’s not already selected.

  2. Click and drag a previously placed sprite to a new square and then release the mouse button to drop it there.

    The sprite stays on your cursor as long as you hold the mouse button. Releasing the mouse button drops the sprite if the square is unoccupied. If you try to drop a sprite on an occupied square, the sprite returns to its original position.

Editing sprites

Placing sprites on a grid can allow you to be creative, but to truly discover the possibilities of Gamestar Mechanic, you must look deeper into the properties of sprites. All sprites, particularly enemies and avatars, can be edited to change their characteristics and behaviors.

Follow these steps to edit a sprite’s properties:

  1. Select the Edit tool.

    This button has a wrench icon, second from the top.

  2. On the grid, click on the sprite you want to edit.

    A dialog box opens, containing a number of sliders, buttons, and text boxes, depending on the type of sprite it is.


    If a dialog box has no options (such as the one for the goal block), the sprite cannot be edited.

    Sometimes, you unlock new skins for your sprites, allowing you to change the look of the sprite. You obtain skins just as you do sprites: from completing quests or various challenges. Keep an eye out for these skins because acquiring one might mean that you can edit previously uneditable sprites, such as concrete.

  3. Adjust the options.

    For enemies, you can change their health, damage, motion paths, and more. Avatars and other sprites give different options.

  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.

    Or click the Cancel button to return to the game without implementing your changes.