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Wireless Network Administration: Locking and Erasing a BlackBerry

After adding new BlackBerry users, the next most common BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) administration task is either locking or erasing a missing handheld. If a user complains that his or her BlackBerry is missing, you should probably start by locking the device. That way, if the device has fallen into the wrong hands, they won’t be able to access the device without the correct password.

If the BlackBerry doesn’t turn up within a few days, the next step is to erase the BlackBerry entirely so that even if the new owners manage to get past the password lock, they won’t find any useful information on the phone.

Both of these tasks are handled via the BlackBerry Manager. Right-click the user whose phone you want to lock or erase and then choose one of the following commands:

  • Set Password and Lock Handheld: This command displays the dialog box shown in the following illustration. This dialog box lets you set a new password for the handheld device. It also lets you change the owner information that’s displayed when the handheld device is locked.

    When you click OK, a message will be sent to the handheld directing it to change the password and (optionally) the owner information and then to lock the keyboard. Once locked, the keyboard can be unlocked only by entering the password.

  • Erase Data and Disable Handheld: This command is more drastic: It erases all of the contents of the handheld, including any stored e-mails, contacts, calendar items, or other files. It also disables the enterprise activation. This command effectively restores the handheld device to it’s original, factory-new state.