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Wireless Network Administration: Effective Netbook Use

Netbooks are a widely used tool and have many advantages. However, there are some techniques and tips that will help make working with netbooks easier and more productive. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Carry a standard-sized keyboard and mouse in your car. The keyboard on a netbook computer is pretty small, and the touch-pad mouse is small. You may not want to lug the keyboard and mouse into a restaurant or coffee shop, but it’s handy to have when you take the netbook into your hotel room and want to do some real work.

  • Consider disabling the tap feature of the netbook’s touch pad. Because of the netbook’s small size, the touch pad is usually located uncomfortably close to the keyboard. It is easy to end up tapping it with the base of your thumbs as you type, which causes the mouse pointer to jump all over the place almost at random. You can solve this problem by disabling the tap feature of the touch pad.

  • Create a desktop icon that will take your users directly to your Office Web Access (OWA) site. That way, your users can easily access their e-mail whenever they have an Internet connection.

  • Install VPN client software to allow your users to tunnel in to your network.

  • Because netbook computers usually run one of the Home editions of Windows 7, netbooks can’t join your domain. That’s probably for the best, though, because most users will use the netbook mostly for web browsing and e-mail, which, as mentioned earlier, can be easily accomplished with OWA.

  • Keep in mind that although the netbook computer can’t join the domain, it can still access network shares. The user has to provide a valid username and password each time he or she tries to open a network share.