Network Setup: Macintosh Configuration - dummies

Network Setup: Macintosh Configuration

Before you can access the network from your Mac, you must configure your Mac for networking: Activate AppleTalk and assign your network name and password.

Activating AppleTalk

After all the cables are in place, you have to activate AppleTalk. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Chooser from the Apple menu.

    The Chooser is an application for choosing network resources.

  2. Click the Active button.

  3. Close the Chooser.

Assigning your name and password

After you activate AppleTalk, you’re ready to assign an owner name, a password, and a name for your computer. This process allows other network users to access your Mac. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the File Sharing control panel from the Apple menu (Apple→Control Panels→File Sharing).

  2. Type your name in the Owner Name field.

  3. Type a password in the Owner Password field.

    Don’t forget what the password is.

  4. Type a descriptive name for your computer in the Computer Name field.

    Other network users will know your computer by this name.

  5. Click the Close button.